Replace lineups with a WaitWell digital queue at busy venues to delight customers and reduce crowding.

WaitWell helps venues such as recreation centers, festivals, event centers, and casinos to increase the number of customers they can serve while eliminating lineups. WaitWell delivers people to the right place, at just the right time.

With WaitWell, customers can join a virtual queue using their mobile devices, effectively skipping the line. They monitor their position in line and estimated wait time through the status page on their phone’s mobile browser. WaitWell uses the SMS texting app and mobile browser that customers already have on their cell phones – no need to download a wait in line app. WaitWell automatically advances customers through the queue as others are admitted, so customers never have to wonder, “How much longer?”

WaitWell sends an SMS text to let the customer know when it’s their turn, so they arrive just in time for service.

No more lineups, no more frustrated customers. Customers can move freely while they wait, so your staff don’t have to spend their time managing lineups.

8 Tips to Improve the Waiting Experience at Your Venue

People spend years of their lives waiting in line. Waiting is a fact of life, but it’s also a source of frustration. The good news is that there are steps you can take to improve the waiting experience. Some of the benefits? Delight customers. Reduce staff stress levels. Improve operational efficiency and throughput.

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