WaitWell eliminates lineups at Student Admissions offices, bookstores, health services and anywhere else on campus that students normally queue up

Queue management on campus

Post-secondary campuses are filled with young people who expect transformation in every aspect of their lives, including when accessing services at their college or university. Generation Z places a high value on their time and they want to use every minute in a meaningful way, whether that means studying at the library or enjoying coffee on the commons with a new friend. WaitWell Virtual Queue and online appointment is an ideal solution for higher education institutions that want to offer student-centred service delivery. As an added bonus, WaitWell helps Student Services areas to better understand and support the student journey and to reduce staff stress levels by managing capacity in busy campus waiting areas.

8 Tips to Improve the Student Waiting Experience on Campus

It’s not always possible to eliminate waiting on campus, especially at peak times of year. Yet, waiting is a source of frustration for students and time spent standing in a physical lineup is time they can’t spend at the library or connecting with classmates. Luckily, there are steps that colleges and universities can take to improve the student service delivery experience at the Registrar’s office, health services, the bookstore and anywhere else on campus that students normally have to wait.

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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) uses WaitWell on busy campus

NAIT selects WaitWell as part of its plans to welcome students back to campus safely in the Fall of 2021.

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