Setup and Integration Services

Our technical support team will show you how to add all of your staff. They will assist you in assigning your agents to desks, as well as enabling their login. The WaitWell team will also show you how to create Manager and Administrator accounts. Lastly, they will show you the different features available to each one.

Having more than one location shouldn’t make implementing line management software complicated. Our team of experts make multi-location setup simple. We’ll show you how to add necessary details, like operating hours and holiday hours. We’ll also show you how to use two-stage waiting for each location.

WaitWell offers a range of preferences. This ensures that the features you use are tailored to your needs. Our support team will help you determine the best configuration. From customizing text messages to changing report types.

picture of service agent implementing line management software for WaitWell

WaitWell support and resources for implementing line management software.

Our support staff are always ready to answer your questions. What’s more, they’re here to make sure that implementing line management software with WaitWell runs as smoothly. You can visit the Contact page for assistance. You can also access the following resources.

  • Start-up Guide.
  • Lobby Configuration Guide.
  • User Guide.
  • Kiosk Technical Guide.

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