It’s like a digital concierge for busy service locations

Our advanced queueing and booking solution means you’ll never have to answer the question, “How much longer?”

Service provider managing appointments and walkins on one screen with WaitWell virtual queue management solution

It starts with the end of the lineup.

When people join a digital queue, there is an opportunity to digitally transform the entire customer journey. With tailored communication, customers are prepared for service upon arrival. No more crowded waiting areas. No more frazzled staff. WaitWell combines all the tools you need to optimize service operations. WaitWell delivers customers to the right place, at just the right time.

Let customers join your line remotely

  • Join by mobile by scanning a QR code or sending an SMS text
  • On-site kiosk available
  • Place a link on your website so customers can join from home
  • Ask customers to download the free WaitWell Customer App
join remotely 600
client no longer needs to wait in line when using a virtual queue

Allow customers to move freely while they wait

  • Real-time status update in mobile browser or using the free WaitWell customer app
  • Position in line & estimated wait time
  • Customers can put themselves on hold or remove themselves from the line

Keep lines of communication open with two-way messaging

  • Two-way messaging with individual customers
  • Send alerts to all customers in line
  • Tailor automated communication by service type
  • All communication can be sent by SMS text, mobile browser or WaitWell Customer App.
two way comms 600
front desk agent prioritizing next customer

Assign and prioritize customers from the Queue Screen

  • No app download or install required – staff manage the lineup from a desktop or mobile browser
  • Staff assign customers to themselves or other team members
  • Increase or decrease priority
  • Use notes and other tools to communicate service details with other staff

Integrate appointments with walk-ins, all on one screen

  • Combine the convenience of appointments with the flexibility of walk-ins
  • Free up staff time by letting customers book, reschedule and cancel their own appointments
  • Automate appointment reminders
  • Customers are added to the Queue Screen when they confirm their arrival by responding to an automated text
Service provider managing appointments and walkins on one screen
pharmacists managing the fulfilment of a prescription with an automated workflow

Optimize operations with advanced workflow tools

  • Create task sequences to automate flow of service
  • Automate communication to keep customers informed about the progress of their service
  • Keep track of service stage for every customer
  • Create efficiency and save time by automating the flow of tasks, both on counter and behind the scenes

Get deep insights into service operations

  • View the Dashboard for an at-a-glance overview of operations in real-time
  • Uncover service trends with Reports & Analytics
  • Learn about service times, wait times, no-show rates, balk rates, ticket volumes and more
  • Sort and filter by service provider, service type, date range and more
young professionals can make data driven decisions using built in reports and dashboard analyitics
Service provider engaging with happy clients

Build out customer profiles with integrated CRM

  • Identify return customers from the queue screen
  • View service details for previous visits
  • Integrate with your CRM

Gather actionable customer feedback

  • Embed customer review requests into communication templates
  • Sort and filter reviews based on service type, location, service provider and date
  • Download to .xls
service provider receives actionable feedback and reviews from clients
man finds comfort in knowing data is secure

Data security and privacy are first of mind for us in everything we do. WaitWell goes above and beyond to ensure your data is always secure.

WaitWell was super easy for our staff to learn. I do think it helps us provide a better experience for students in accessing our services. It allows us to think about how to staff based on the types of inquiries we have. We used to have to train staff on everything to work the front counter. Now we can train them on one type of inquiry, and they can support our students.”

Deb Little, Director of enrolment management at Northern alberta institute of technology

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