How Goodfood has streamlined operations and cut service times by 34%

Canadian food delivery service decreases their service times by 34%

Since introducing WaitWell, Goodfood has successfully increased productivity amongst their delivery drivers. They have decreased their service times by up to 34%, and have had 67% shorter wait times. Digitizing their workflow has made Goodfood more successful and efficient in a short period of time, while decreasing staff stress levels.


Goodfood is a meal delivery service based in Montreal. They are a fast growing company with more than 319,000 active subscribers across as many as nine provinces. With Goodfood’s rapid growth, they needed a way to keep track of their delivery drivers. They also wanted to create a more efficient workflow behind the scenes. WaitWell has allowed Goodfood to keep up to their high-demand of orders, and stay organized through this rapidly increasing demand. The multi-stage waiting feature has streamlined the meal delivery process. It has also eased their staff’s stress levels.

Photo courtesy of: Goodfood

Business Challenge

Goodfood needed a way to keep track of the arrival and the departure of delivery drivers to alleviate congestion in the main waiting area. Before implementing WaitWell, delivery drivers were tracked through a GPS system. This system was difficult to navigate, and caused stress for staff.

Goodfood also wanted a system that included data reporting and insights, so they could record operational information. This information includes deliveries going out and the efficiencies of their drivers.


Goodfood reached out to WaitWell in January of 2022 to find a solution to their challenges. WaitWell developed a tailored solution for their business that keeps up with their fast-growing business needs.

William Rhicard, a Delivery Supervisor from Goodfood, raved about the simplicity and easy implementation of WaitWell.

“From the time we started using WaitWell it took only a couple of days for everyone to get used to it and use it properly,” he said. 

WaitWell’s highly intelligent features and easy-to-use software makes it a perfect solution for not only customer-facing companies, but also logistical business needs. Goodfood primarily uses WaitWell for the back-end of their business to streamline workflow efficiencies. They love to use the multi-stage waiting feature, along with the accurate data insights for their business.

“The multi-stage waiting feature is probably my favourite feature WaitWell has because it not only lets us keep track of who’s there, but drivers can wait in their cars,” Rhicard said. They also know exactly when to pick up their orders.”

116,733 deliveries

10 locations

67% shorter wait times

Photo courtesy of: Goodfood


Delivery drivers use WaitWell to pick up orders and manage operations. On their smart phone, they receive a system generated message that tells them exactly how long until the order is ready, when to arrive at the pick-up site and exactly which bin to collect their order from. They are able to wait in their cars instead of wasting time standing around.

This allows for more deliveries to be completed in a timely fashion and creates a more efficient and productive workflow overall. Goodfood uses the reporting and data insights feature to keep track of day-to-day operations. They find it highly effective for monitoring the progress of their delivery drivers. It also helps them make more accurate staffing decisions.

Since the implementation of WaitWell in January of 2022, it has been used more than 116,733 times by their delivery drivers across their 10 locations. They have experienced up to a 67% decrease in wait times for delivery drivers who are picking up orders.

They have also had an overall decrease in service time by as much as 34%. Rhicard said that WaitWell has eased staff stress levels, and has made operations more efficient overall. “WaitWell makes it easier to keep track of staff and deliveries,” he said.

WaitWell has also decreased Goodfood’s delivery cancellations by 81% and has decreased their no-shows by 86% since implementation.

The multi-stage waiting feature is probably my favourite feature WaitWell has because it not only lets us keep track of who’s there, but drivers can wait in their cars. They also know exactly when to pick up their orders.

-William Rhicard, delivery supervisor at goodfood