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More than 3 million people have used WaitWell at hundreds of locations across North America. Whether you work in Education, Government or Retail, you can be sure that WaitWell has helped to manage a queue and a workflow like yours.

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What are the different ways that customers can join the lineup?

Customers join via SMS text, QR code, website, on-site kiosk or the WaitWell customer app. Staff can also add customers on-the-fly directly from the Queue screen. Organizations select which methods are available to customers.

Will my customers’ personal information be protected?

Absolutely. WaitWell leads the industry when it comes to security. There are multiple permission levels and the administrator for your account can select what information is available for each level. Data can be anonymized while maintaining the data insights available in the Dashboard and Reports.

Rest assured that WaitWell will never sell or share your data or your customers’ information with any third parties. Read our Privacy Policy for more details.

What if my customers don’t have a cell phone?

Sometimes visitors might arrive without a cell phone, or they may not have data or texting plans on their devices. Your staff can quickly add them to the queue from the queue screen, or you can allow them to join the line through an on-site kiosk. Your subscription also includes a custom lobby display site so customers can monitor their wait status. We can walk you through how to connect your smart TV to your lobby display site.

We don’t always have a lineup. Is it possible to use WaitWell on demand?

Many locations like the workflow efficiencies and data that WaitWell provides so much that they choose to use it all the time, even when they don’t have a lineup. However, it’s also possible to turn it on only during busy times or to operate a physical lineup alongside a virtual lineup.
Some locations also choose to have a virtual queue operating alongside a physical lineup. That way, customers can choose which method of waiting they prefer.

How is it possible to integrate walk-ins with appointments?

One of the things that WaitWell does best is to combine the convenience of walk-ins with the predictability of appointments. The way it works is that customers who have an appointment receive a text 10 minutes before their appointment, asking them to confirm when they arrive. Once they confirm, they are added to your queue in front of customers who have joined as a walk-in. What this means is that customers with appointments have saved themselves a spot at the front of the line.

Does WaitWell work with every cell phone carrier?

Yes, no matter what carrier your customers use, they will receive notifications by SMS from WaitWell if you allow it.

What languages is WaitWell available in?

WaitWell is available in English, Spanish and French. Additional languages can be added, so please reach out if you have a specific need.

How much time does it take to train staff to use WaitWell?

One of the unique features of WaitWell is that front counter staff never have to leave the queue screen. They can manage tickets, communicate with customers and other staff and even view appointments all on one screen.

In a recent survey of staff who use WaitWell, 100% of respondents indicated that they had been able to learn WaitWell in less than 30 minutes. In fact, 86% of respondents said they needed 10 minutes or less to master the simple WaitWell Queue screen.

How does WaitWell estimate wait time?

WaitWell is continuously taking in data points such as how many staff are calling customers, how long service is taking and how many customers are waiting. You have the option to override WaitWell’s algorithm and insert your own average service time instead. Our experience has shown that the deviation between estimated time and actual wait time is less when WaitWell estimates the wait time for you.

What is a ticket?

On the queue screen, each customer waiting is represented as a bar. These bars are colour-coded according to the service the customer is requesting. We refer to these coloured bars as “tickets”.

Do I need to use all the features?

Every organization is unique. That’s why WaitWell has hundreds of features that can be combined to create a workflow that is tailored to your needs. Your account manager will work with you to turn on just features you need. And if those needs change, your account manager will always be there to work with you to add or remove features.

How much does WaitWell cost?

WaitWell offers great value for large organizations that require workflow management across multiple locations. We offer unlimited users and tickets. We will build a custom plan for your organization based on your needs.

Can I add my own brand, logo, colors, etc?

Your brand is important and WaitWell makes it easy to customize not only options and messaging, but also the look and feel of all the pages your customers view before, during and after service. We can even help you to set up the staff interface to reflect your corporate brand identity.

What is the difference between the WaitWell Staff App and the Customer App?

Great question. The Customer App allows customers to search for locations and join lines remotely. They can also use the app to book and manage appointments. In addition, they can send and receive messages and notifications related to their visit within the app, which means that your organization doesn’t consume SMS texts in communicating with customers.

The Staff App is mainly used for managing lineups when staff don’t have access to a computer. For example, if you have a door attendant greeting people at the door, the staff app can be used to manage the queue on a mobile device . Staff can even scan QR codes sent to customers to automatically move them from “waiting” to “being served” without having to find their names in the queue. This feature is mainly used at high capacity venues.

How do I get help if WaitWell stops working?

At WaitWell, support is at the core of what we do. Each account is assigned an account manager who is your primary point of contact. If your account manager isn’t available, your call will be routed to our support team to resolve the issue. We will go over our Service Level Agreement when we present a plan for proposal.

Can I export reports?

At WaitWell, we know that business intelligence is critical. That’s why advanced reports and analytics are included in every plan. The administrator(s) on your account (and others that the admin gives permission to) are able to export reports to Excel.

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