Customers Using Line Management Software by WaitWell come from a range of industries

Any business for which it’s purpose is to serve customers will find that WaitWell software delivers the best queue experience. This is for two main reasons. First, client satisfaction is improved. Second, you’ll have the necessary transparency into your operations to maximize performance. A full list of features can be found here.

There are many customers using line management software by WaitWell in the following industries:

Industries Using WaitWell Software Include


Keep your line running smoothly, reduce the spikes in demand and eliminating crowds in your lobby. What's more, you can add multiple queues for road tests, renewals, corporate services and more.

Walk-in and Flu Clinics

Reduce the crowding in your line and keep physical distance between patients. As your patients wait, they can remain comfortable at home or in their vehicles.


Maintain occupancy requirements with ease. Shoppers can visit other stores while they wait their turn for yours. Once inside, they can immediately reserve a place at the check-out. This optimizes efficiencies.


Eliminate the need for cumbersome pager systems. What's more, keep your waiting area free of crowds. You can have a separate queue for your lounge and dining room.

Hair Salons & Barbers

No more losing clients because of busy lobbies and wait times. Your clients can check in from home or during their outings. This helps keep your stylists busy all day long.

Banks and Government

Reduce costly fluxuations in service demand. This is because you keep a steady flow of clients throughout the day. As such, you can optimize your staffing levels and keep operations running efficiently.


I initially implemented WaitWell virtual line management software to ensure my clients stayed safe and out of the bad weather during COVID-19, but after one week of using it, I had more insight into my business than ever before. The transparency it provides helps me make the best decisions possible for my staff, clients and operations.

Owner, East Calgary Registry

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