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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) uses WaitWell on busy campus

Nov 4 2021


Located in Edmonton, Alberta, NAIT’s campus sits on 62 acres and is home to over 40,000 staff and students. Like most post secondary campuses, especially in September, NAIT is bustling with students taking care of course registration, shopping for books, needing financial services and housing all while settling into their busy fall semester courses.

Business Challenge

NAIT understood the reality that having students wait in lines, sometimes multiple lines, was not an effective use of students’ time. Lineups also created a less than ideal work environment for the staff at the Student Services Centre, as well as a possible health risk during COVID 19. Gen Z students in particular are used to using their cell phones to access services elsewhere, so they expect to see that level of convenience on campus as well.

“We used to have to train staff on everything to work the front counter. Now we can train them on one type of inquiry to support our students”

Deb Little, Director of Enrollment Management at NAIT.


NAIT reached out to WaitWell in July 2021 to discuss simplifying processes on Campus for when the students returned in September. Initially WaitWell was used at the Student Services Centre (SSC), a multi-faceted campus hub assisting students with everything from academic advising, career planning and funding, to financing and immigration advising.

When students join the virtual queue, they are able to select a service type. In doing so, students are directed to the appropriately trained staff member who could best service their needs. WaitWell’s analytics have helped NAIT gain a better understanding of the student journey. It also helps management to identify training needs and to plan staffing appropriately.

“We used to have to train staff on everything to work the front counter. Now we can train them on one type of inquiry to support our students”, says Deb Little, Director of Enrollment Management at NAIT.

Since implementation at the SSC, NAIT rolled out WaitWell to several other areas on campus. For example, students now use it for appointments and parcel pick up at Shop at NAIT, the Bookstore. “Students and parents are impressed with how quickly they receive their curbside orders upon arrival” says the bookstore manager. WaitWell’s capacity for SMS texting has been “incredibly useful when problems arise, such as providing directions to the curbside location”.

The ticket history at a glance has also helped staff to quickly identify which orders have been processed or picked up, avoiding duplication of efforts, or fruitless searching for orders that have already been collected. Additionally, the appointments feature gives staff advanced notice of when students will arrive to collect their items so employees can have them ready rather than having to search for items while a student waits. “We know roughly when a student is going to show up so we can have their order ready, rather than searching for orders when they arrive.”

Most recently, NAIT has introduced WaitWell at its vaccine clinic, as well as a means for registering  for information sessions during the annual Open House. WaitWell has quickly become an integral part of life on campus, starting with prospective students. This is possible because WaitWell is a full-featured software solution that can be configured differently to meet the needs of diverse use cases, even within one institution.

While colleges and universities typically select WaitWell in an effort to make the student experience better, WaitWell is also a workflow management tool that increases productivity, which support staff engagement and helps to reduce staff stress levels. Staff across campus are finding WaitWell easy to use and intuitive. “It is easy to set up and the templates are easy to customize. WaitWell is super easy for our staff to learn”, adds Little back at the bookstore, “I do think it has helped us provide a better experience for students accessing our services”.




locations on campus using WaitWell


students served in first two months

WaitWell is proud to work with an Alberta institution

WaitWell’s clients are all important, but it is special having one so close to home and to be able to support the school and students in providing the best experience possible.  WaitWell hopes it can continue to help NAIT to deliver an  exceptional on campus experience to staff and students alike.

The ideas and opinions expressed are those of individuals, not of the Institution.


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